Aleksandrov O.B.

The EU’s Arctic Strategy: Interests and Priorities

The article deals with the Arctic strategy of the European Union. The author shows the development of the EU’s Arctic policy during the previous 5 years, analyzes EU motivations in the Arctic, assesses the policy resources which are at the disposal of Brussels to carry out the EU’s Arctic policy, and eventually demonstrates the growing role of the EU in the Arctic. Apart from that, the author attempts to answer a question to what extent the EU’s interests in the Arctic coincide with or contradict to interests of Russia and other Arctic states.

Who will provide security for the Arctic?

This article is devoted to a problem of security of the Arctic region. The author portrays the contemporary state of the Arctic region, indicates changes which happened in the region after the end of "the cold war", analyzes the role which regional and non-regional institutions can play in the security protection of the Arctic, and also focuses attention on the Russian approach to a problem of security of the Arctic.