Antyukhova E.A.

Consequences of the Realization of NATO Strategy in the Conflicts of "The Arab Spring" For the States of the Middle East and North Africa

The article considers the consequences of the realization of NATO strategy in the con icts of "the Arab spring" for the states of the Middle East and North Africa. It is pointed out that the main ap- proaches to the realization of NATO strategy, its results and the consequences of the Alliance crisis manage- ment of "the Arab spring" have a contradictory character. On the one hand, the strategic problem of the block has been realized: arrangement of con icts and an attempt to appear in the opinion of the world community as the only peacekeeping force capable of controlling and resolving regional con icts. At the same time the Alliance has shown the e ciency of its partner programs.

The "Arab Spring": New Mechanisms of Change of Authoritarian Political Regimes

The article explores the use of mechanisms in bringing down authoritarian political regimes in the Middle East and North Africa with the “Arab spring” in focus. The technique of "non-violent" methods of fight suggested by "godfather" of the “Arab spring” Gene Sharp is analyzed. It is noted that the distinctive features of his system were planned, determined and dynamic actions of protest forces.