Isaev V.A.

Renewables in Development of The Arab East (Case of Solar Energy)

The article analyzes problems of solar energy rise in the Middle East and North Africa. The Arab World possesses huge resources of oil and natural gas and gained great significance as a world producer and exporter of energy. The MENA region home market is also a big consumer of oil and gas. The study stresses the fact, that industrial processing of mass amounts of crude inside the region has already created serious constraints in development of the area. The further steps to overwhelm the aggravations may be positive if secured through minimizing serious threats, concentrating around problems of climate warming and green gases.

The Palestinian Problem in the Middle East Policy of the USSR / Russia

The article reveals the stages in the formation of the USSR policy in the field of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict resolution, the features of the developed policy and practical conclusions that could be useful in advancing the current Middle East policy of the Russian Federation.