Khakhalkina E.V.

Open Borders of the European Union: National and European Identity on the Example of Certain EU Member-States

During the acute phase of the migration crisis (2014–2015) in a large number of European Union states, policies restricting internal borders and the strengthening of external borders took place, which raised serious questions about the future of the European Union’s borders. Ever since the emergence of supranational structures, freedom of movement, capital, goods, services and labor has all been the principal focus points of the EU countries cooperation.

“How Grand is Our Design For Europe?”: Integration Plans of The Great Britain in the Late of 1950s

The UK European Union membership referendum 2016 and its results actualized the study of the British initiatives in the sphere of integration before the entry into the European Economic Community in 1973. The article is devoted to the little-known in Russian historiography “Grand Design” of H. Macmillan, nominated in the wake of the failure of the Suez operation against Egypt in 1956. Plan with such bright and eye-catching name suggested the creation of a broad integration group in Europe as alternative with Britain as a leader to the preparing for the establishment of projects of the European Economic Community and the European Atomic energy community.