Shevtsov N.V.

“Bykhov Period” of Russian General Kornilov

The end of August 1917 was marked by a dramatic event, which influenced a lot the future of the Russian state. It is the case of the so-called «Kornilov revolt» – undertaken by the Supreme Commander-in-Chief General L.G. Kornilov, who attempted to send troops to Petrograd in order to establish military order in the capital. Kornilov’s action was unsuccessful. Together with his closest associate she was arrested and sent to a small Belarusian town of Old Bykhov, located near Mogilev, where the headquarters was located.

In The Wake of Pugachev’s Rebellion: Experience in Oral History

Grand uprising led by Pugachev seized a vast area from the middle reaches of the Volga, the Urals and the Kazakh steppes. Thousands of people from di erent classes and nationalities joined rebel- lious Ural Cossacks in 1773. From the beginning, the uprising was of antimonarchic, not noble character, although its leader, and posed as a resurrected Emperor Peter III. During two years since 1773 the rebels were holding at bay the entire Russian Empire, becoming a real threat to the power of Catherine II.

The Forerunner of the Government Reform of Peter the Great

This article describes the life and work of the distinguished political leader of the 17th century Vasiliy Vasilyevich Golitsyn. He entered the history of our country as a thoughtful reformist and a brilliant diplomat. His transformations created the foundation for the future pivotal reforms by Peter the Great. Being an outstanding analyst and a strategic planner, Golytsin won his combats not on the bloody battlefields but in the course of fights on the diplomatic arena. During the reign of Sophia, when he had received ultimately unlimited power warrant, he mainly fostered all of his efforts to the implementation of the socio-economic changes and the rise of prestige of the Russian State.