Ursul A.D.

Security and Development: Interdisciplinary Approach and Global Dimension

The article analyzes the problem and the process of securitization in the context of interconnection between security and development implicated in the concept of sustainable development. The concept combines in a single system the security and change (progressive development) of civilization and preservation of the environment. Sustainable development in the broadest sense is seen by the author as the safest type of evolution, which reduces to an acceptable level any negative effects on civilization and the biosphere for the purpose of their conservation and co-evolution.

Sustainable development and world politics

The article points out that the progressive deterioration of the social and environmental situation on the planet and the emergence of the real threat of anthropo-ecological catastrophe necessitate the abandoning of the current model of civilizational development and the formation (first in theory and then in practice) of an ultimately new one. This innovative strategy, which means taking account of the main socio-natural contradiction, is called a sustainable development strategy. This new form of civilizational development must become rationally governed on a planetary scale, thus providing the survival and temporal continuation of the existence of humans and biosphere.