MGIMO Review of International Relations
№ 4 (55) 2017
Table of Contents

Kudryavtseva E.P. Successes and Failures of Foreign Policy of Nicholas I (According the Memories of Contemporaries)
Bavykin Y.V. Russia’s Interests and Role in The Establishment of The Kingdom of The Netherlands: The Dynastic Union with The House of Orange as An Instrument of Foreign Policy Under Alexander I
Oparina T.A. Secular Greek Migration to Russia Of the End of XVI – First Half XVII Centuries
Tsvetkova J.D. The Role of Public Opinion of Great Britain of the Second Half of the 19th Century in The Development of The Social Legislation in Years 1870-1890
Kolobov O.A. Contemporary Russian Policy in The Middle East: Strategic Goals and Tactic Actions
Krylov A.V., Morozov V.M. The Palestino-Israelian Track: The Failure of Obama Administration’s Middle East Policy
Nosenko T.V., Isaev V.A., Melkumyan E.S. The Palestinian Problem in the Middle East Policy of the USSR / Russia
Kosach GG, Filonik AO, Melkumyan E.S. Russian-Saudi Political Interaction
Melkumyan E.C., Kosach GG, Nosenko Т.V. Russia in the Foreign Policy Priorities of the Cooperation Council of the Arab States of the Gulf after the Events of the “Arab Spring”
Maryasis D.A. Russian Strategy of entering the innovation markets of the Middle East
Bdoyan D.G. The Transformation Periods in The Russian-Turkish Relations (1991-2016)
Dyurre M. E. I. I. Self-Determination of The Kurds In Syria: Origins, Forms and International Prospects
Al-Tamimi Khaled Mohamed Ali. Cooperation Between Russia And Bahrain In the Field of Regional Security
Kravchenko S.A., Podberezkin A.I. “Rediscovery” Of Knowledge About the Future: Perspectives of Russia’s Security Up To 2050
Dymova L.A. Problems and Prospects of The European Regional Order
Tyukaeva T.I. Global Media Influence on Modern World Political Processes: A Constructivist Approach
Murgas R. Reverse Gas to Ukraine: The Essence of The Problem and Its Impact on International Relations in The Energy Sector