MGIMO Review of International Relations
№ 6 (51) 2016
Table of Contents

Alekseeva T.A., Mineev A.P., Fenenko A.V., Loshkariov I.D., Ananyev B.I. Constructivism Goes Quantum
Kravchenko S.A. Podberezkin A.I. Social Networks as a New Factor of System Security in Russia in the 21st Century
Kaveshnikov N.Y. Possible Outcomes of Brexit for European Union Development
Shibkova M.O. Contemporary Euroscepticism as a Challenge to European Solidarity
Blokhin V.F. Government’s Fear of Newspapers in Russia and France in the Second Half of the 19th Century
Novik D.G., Plotnikov V.A. UN Secretary-General Normative Capability to Influence The Security Council Decision-Making Process
Vaslavskiy Y.I., Gabuev S.V. Neo-Institutional Approach to the Study of Electronic Government
Bukharin V.V. The Russian’s Digital Sovereignty as a Technical Basis of Information Security
Asadova Z.A. Information Security in the Countries of Central Asia: the Case of Kazakhstan
Tokarev А.A. Ukrainian Elites’ Strategies to Donbas: «Big Data»-Research of the Facebook National Segment
Artamonova L.N. Post-Keynesianism: Evolution of Keynesian Macroeconomics in the 20th Century
Malova T.A., Sisoeva V.I. The World Oil Market: The Search for Balance in the New “Oil” Reality
Safronova I.A. The Value Chains of High-Technology Products as Factor of formation the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership
Zaytsev Y.K. The Impact of Safeguard Measures in International Trade on the Socio-Economic Development of the Poorest Countries
Sheveleva A.V., Akieva L.B. Diversification of Oil and Gas Companies’ Activities in the Condition of Oil Prices Reduction and Economic Sanctions