Andrey A. Kokoshin

Dean of the Faculty of World Politics of Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU). Graduated from Bauman Moscow State Technical University. RAS Full Member. Full member of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences. Doctor of Sciences (History), professor.

Worked as scientific secretary, then head of section, then Deputy Director of the Institute of USA and Canadian Studies, USSR Academy of Sciences. State Secretary, then First Deputy Defense Minister of the Russian Federation (RF). State Military Inspector, then Secretary of the RF Defense Council. Secretary of the RF Security Council.

Was elected member of the State Duma (third, fourth and fifth convocations). Chairman of the State Duma Committee on the CIS and Relations with Expatriates, and First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Science and High Technology. Currently Director of the Institute of International Security Studies. Dean of the Faculty of World Politics at MSU.

Author of over 160 academic papers and books on strategic stability, the modern system of international relations, and military and political strategy.

Recipient of state awards.

Author of over 160 scientific papers, including 23 monographs (7 of them co-authored). Including: "The United States in the international system in the 1980s" (1984); "Space weapons: security dilemma" (in collaboration, 1985); "The army and politics. The evolution of the Soviet military-political and military-strategic thought, the years 1918-1991 "(1995) (published in the US in 2007); "The Way of Russia in the Global Economy" (1999); "Industrial Policy and National Security" (2001, et al.) "Strategic management theory, historical experience, comparative analysis problems for Russia" (2003) (published in China in 2005); "Political Science and Sociology Military Strategy" (2005); "The real sovereignty in the modern world political system" (2006); "On the strategic planning policy" (2007); "Essay on the policy as a phenomenon of social life" (2008); "Ensuring strategic stability in the past and the present" (2009); "Politics as a social phenomenon: Forms and types of policy, its actors, relationships with ideology, military strategy and intelligence" (2010).