70 years have already passed since the day when the first students enrolled in the Institute of International Relations. Over these years, the world has changed, our country has changed. And MGIMO-University has also changed. Established as a leading diplomatic school, MGIMO-University entered the new millennium as a unique liberal arts international university, prominent scientific and educational center. Today MGIMO offers educational undergraduate and graduate programs on 16 study areas, 28 PhD programs, intensive language training for 54 foreign languages, as well as implements programs of postgraduate professional education. The structure of the University includes eight faculties, five institutes and business schools and international competences.

MGIMO provides broad opportunities for higher education, various forms of training programs in various fields of international relations, political science, economics, law, management, journalism and other areas. It also conducts an extensive research work, has broad international connections, is actively involved in social and political life our country.

But the main feature of the University is not only that our graduates receive an excellent education up to international educational and scientific standards, and based on the best traditions of Russian higher education and the diplomatic service. With a broad vision and deep expertise, having absorbed the special atmosphere of our university, she or he goes into a professional life with solid patriotic convictions, capable of state thinking, ready to fulfilling national interests of Russia. Such an approach is necessary for the public service, which is still the main destination for a significant part of MGIMO graduates and for business where success depends on serious and in-depth political and economic analysis. Therefore, our graduates remain desirable candidates for any responsible job. They work in diplomatic sphere, in government, parliament, for local authorities, banks, the media, governmental and commercial organizations.

Over the years, more than 40 thousand people have received diplomas in international affairs. Today, they bring their children here to study, and even grandchildren. MGIMO-University - is a special family. And no matter what corner of the earth our graduate finds himself, he is always able to find his fellow graduates that are willing to come to his aid. Moreover, the MGIMO have graduated more than 5500 foreign students from more than 60 countries.