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Журкин и европейские исследования в России

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1. International Conflicts. Ed. by Ye.M. Primakov and V.V. Zhurkin. Arlington (Virginia),1973

2. The Nixon Doctrine. Ed. by Yu.P. Davydov, V.V. Zhurkin, V.S. Rudnev. Arlington (Virginia), 1973.

3. Виталий Журкин. СССР-САЩ през седемдесетте и осемдесетте години. София, 1982.

4. Dialogue Sustained. The Multilevel Peace Process and the Dartmouth Conference. Washington, 2002.

5. Vitaly Shurkin. Grossbaustelle Europa. Munchen, 1990.

6. The Market Shock. An Agenda for the Economic and Social Reconstruction of Central and Eastern Europe. Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna, 1992

7. The Western Community and the Gorbachev Challenge. Armand Clesse and Thomas Schelling. BadenBaden, 1989.

8. Towards a New European Security Order. Bo Huldt and Gunilla Herolf. Swedish Institute of Intarnational Affairs, Stockholm, 1991.

9. Jahrbuch fur international Sicherheitspolitik. 1999. Hamburg-Berlin-Bonn, 1999.

10. The Baltic States on their way to the European Union: Security aspects. Riga, 1995.

11. The Emerging New Regional Order in Central and Eastern Europe. Sapporo, 1997.

12. Facing the New Millenium. Norvegian Institute of Intarnational Affairs, Oslo, 2000.

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Статья Р. Журкин и европейские исследования в России. Вестник МГИМО-Университета. 2014;(1(34)):315-319.

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Article E. Academician Vitaliy Vladimirovich Zhurkin and the European studies in Russia. MGIMO Review of International Relations. 2014;(1(34)):315-319. (In Russ.)

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